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Drug Abuse Essays (199 words) - Neurochemistry, Drug Culture

Medication Abuse Medication misuse can be known as the incomparable American scourge. Medications are equipped for assuming control over one's brain and body. Medication misuse pulverizes families, companionships, connections, and in particular medications eventually wreck their client. Consistently Americans burn through $84 billion dollars (1) to fuel their war on drugs. Cash saying we won't let drugs pulverize our general public. Medications are fit for not just pulverizing American culture; they are likewise fit for crushing Americans. Rocks has been a significant pandemic in the United States since the mid 1980's. Rocks is a smokeable type of the medication and it's utilization has been a defeat of most major downtowns in the US. Break decimates it's clients will to do anything besides smoke progressively rocks. Split is one of the most addictive medications on earth, and its clients will go to extraordinary boundaries to get the medication. Clients of this medication will execute, assault, take, and even whore themselves to get increasingly break. Such conduct has a grave, negative effect on society by spreading explicitly transmitted ailments through prostitution and raising the crime percentages through manslaughter and burglary. It is unnerving to think there are individuals campaigning in Reasoning

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The History Of The Smithsonian Institution And Its Founder, Has Truly

The historical backdrop of the Smithsonian Institution and it's organizer, has genuinely affected what the detailed, broad, and complete Smithsonian Institution looks like today. The Smithsonian Institution started when James Smithson, a very savvy researcher, was conceived in 1765. James Smithson was conceived in the South of France to Sir Hugh Smithson, the Duke of Northumberland, and to Elizabeth Hungerford Keate Macie. Smithson moved on from Oxford in the year 1786. After he graduated, he was acknowledged to the Royal Society of London gathering of researchers. Since he found the mineral zinc carbonate, it was named after him, Smithsonite. In his will, Smithson left the entirety of his cash and property to his nephew Henry James Hungerford, who was brought into the world an ill-conceived, as Smithson. Smithson composed the accompanying; Ought to Hungerford bite the dust without leaving a family, I at that point grant the entire of my property... to the United States of America, to establish at Washington, under the name Smithsonian Institution, and foundation for the expansion and dispersion of information among men.1 Why Smithson left his cash to America, a nation he had never visited, stays a secret. Two years in the wake of composing his will, Smithson passed on in Genoa, Italy, in the year 1835, without a spouse or any youngsters. Two years from that point forward, Henry James Hungerford passed on with no family either. At the point when news arrived at Washington DC about the updates on Smithson's hand down, Congress bantered more than eleven years on how to manage the cash. One thing Congress concurred on, to get the cash out of England as quickly as time permits. Richard Rush set sail for England to guarantee the cash. Smithson's mom endeavored to guarantee a great deal of the cash; she battled for a long time. At long last, on May 9, 1838, the court granted Smithson's mom 150 pounds for each year2, and granted America 100,000 pounds3. President John Quincy Adams invested in the creation of the Smithsonian Institution. Tragically, by spring of 1846, all designs for the creation of the Smithsonian Institution were dismissed. The primary explanation the plans were dismissed was on the grounds that the war with Mexico was taking up the greater part of the consideration of Congress. In August 10, 1846, President James K. Polk marked a bill for the creation of the Smithsonian Institution. A major palace like structure was worked by the White House and down the road from the Capital. Since the Smithsonian resembled a stronghold, it was later called the 'manor.' The Smithsonian was relied upon to house an incredible assortment of examples, and workmanship display, a science research center, and a logical library. Additionally, all things of inquisitive research, regular history, plants, topographical, and mineralogical examples that had a place with America were to be kept in the Smithsonian. The secretary of the Smithsonian was the individual that was accountable for the Smithsonian. The principal named secretary of the Smithsonian was Joseph Henry. Congress chose Henry when they approached a great deal of researchers for counsel on what do with the Smithsonian, additionally, different researchers suggested him. At the point when the structure of the Castle was done, Henry and his family moved into the East wing of the Smithsonian, and lived there. Henry's endeavors framed the premise of the United States Weather Bureau. To add to the assortment of the Smithsonian Institution, United States Exploring Expeditions were conveyed between the years 1838 and 1848. In 1876, the Centennial display shut, and sixty-six cargo vehicles full things set out toward the Smithsonian Institution. In 1846, Henry satisfied his guarantee to 'diffuse information among men' by starting the International Exchange Service by distributing its first distribution; Ancient Monuments of the Mississippi Valley. The Ancient Monuments of the Mississippi Valley turned into the primary volume of the Smithsonian Contributions to Knowledge Series. At the point when Henry kicked the bucket in 1878, at 81 years old, Congress made a $15,0004 bronze sculpture in his respect which stands near the Castle. Spencer Fullerton Baird was the following selected secretary. Baird built up the Marine Biological Station at Woods Hole, Massachusetts. Baird likewise started approaches to secure America's untamed life. Baird bolstered the Bureau of American Ethnology, which later got known as the home of American human studies. By the late nineteenth century, the Smithsonian had such huge numbers of things that it needed to get more representatives to sort the things, at the same time, tragically, Congress would not generally like to pay for additional workers. To

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Leadership Issues for the Organization

Question: Expound on theLeadership Issues for the Environment of theOrganization. Answer: As indicated by Cook and Glass (2014), it can't be said with full certainty that if high number of ladies will be in the situation of authority or force, there will be less instances of ladies disturbances. Probably the greatest issue is regardless of whom so ever is accountable for the organizations, organizations are neglecting to give important trainings. A compelling preparing makes the representatives mindful of the arrangements of hostile to segregation and against provocation and it reveals to them that the strategies of the organization really implies what they says (Ghumman et al., 2013). With the equivalent, huge numbers of the examinations have been discovered that the ladies who remain in power typically would prefer not to connect on womens issues also, however, men also once in a while does likewise. Be that as it may, it will be savvy to lead legitimate and successful preparing programs in the organizations. On the off chance that the representatives become acquainted with they will be seriously rebuffed in the event that they defy the companys norms and guidelines, they themselves will reconsider before submitting any such cases. References: Cook, A., Glass, C. (2014). Ladies and top administration positions: Towards an institutional analysis.Gender, Work Organization,21(1), 91-103. Ghumman, S., Ryan, A. M., Barclay, L. A., Markel, K. S. (2013). Strict segregation in the working environment: A survey and assessment of present and future trends.Journal of Business and Psychology,28(4), 439-454. Second Issue: Building group and driving change Kampmark (2013) states that there is no uncertainty about the way that Sangakkara is an extremely skilled cricket player and is one of the most proficient commanders that the Srilankan cricket crew would ever get. It could be unmistakably inferred that there is a solid need of an ideal chief in the Srilankan cricket crew. The players picked for the last not many competitions were not sufficient. This had brought about awful presentation of the entire group, as a decent group is made distinctly with great players. Sangakkara is an incredible player with extraordinary initiative characteristics inside himself. Dayasiri Jayasekara, in this way chose Sangakkara as one of the five new arrangement of selectors. Romesh Kaluwitharana is likewise one among them. References: Kampmark, B. (2013). Australian cricket: the decreasing light.Sport in Society,16(1), 45-55. Third Issue: Admitting botches In this news story, Volkswagen concedes to a few criminal accusations that were originating from its own diesel outrage of 2016. The embarrassment had influenced 11 million Volkswagen and Audi vehicles and had crushed the fifty years of altruism it at any point earned (Connor, 2017). It has additionally influenced the auxiliary brands of VW and the hearts of the green clients and purchasers who purchased the vehicle were totally broken. Kamensky (2016) has expressed that it is the absolute first time that VW at any point conceded that it is liable in any of the court till now. The embarrassment has likewise debased the respectability of the executives and programming building experts. Only for cash the organization had taken a chance with the earth also. References: Connor, J. M. (2017). The German Auto-Emissions Scandal: Likely US Antitrust Response. Kamensky, D. (2016). Presenting Corporate Criminal Liability in Ukraine: Terra Incognita.Stetson L. Rev.,46, 89. Remark on the third issue As indicated by the third issue, google is neglecting to praise decent variety in the organization since 2014. There are just not many dark Americans left working in the organization. This is something that can't be ignored as such a notable organization which is so effective today is inadequate with regards to administration esteems inside itself. Decent variety is considered as a focal point for taking a gander at concerning distinguishing and building up the gifts. The manner in which I see this issue is, the point at which we anticipate assorted clients, we should guarantee that our workforce is various also so we could gain from our own differing workforce and make our administration progressively successful with the goal that we can address the issues of every one of our different customers. Google must search for the abilities in a worker during the enlistment procedure instead of simply separating them based on their skin shading. It is actually a despicable offense in todays time where we celebrate and find out about the initiative style of individuals like Nelson Mandela in our scholarly course books.

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Chapter three - Overview of Women Entrepreneurs in Mauritius and Their Adoption of E-Marketing - Free Essay Example

CHAPTER THREE à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â‚¬Å" OVERVIEW OF WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS IN MAURITIUS AND THEIR ADOPTION OF E-marketing . 3.1The rise of women entrepreneurs in Mauritius The Centre for Applied Research Social (2001) conducted a study in year 2000 to investigate the attitudes of the unemployed towards accepting employment and found that about 73 percent of the registered unemployed were women who had most of them were above 30 and did not have a strong educational background which would make it difficult for them to adopt E-marketing . The majority stated that they left their jobs, especially in the Export Processing Zone (EPZ) sector because they did not have job security and had to work overtime and hence could not allocate enough time to take care of their families. It should be noted that most of these women did not have experience in E-marketing practices. It seemed very unlikely that they would be able to take on other jobs as around 61 percent of them remained unemployed for over two years. The Mauritian economy was undergoing a re-engineering process at that time and the profile of women employees described above painted a grim picture about re-employment for the Mauritian women, especially with their lack of knowledge pertaining to ICT which had gained growing importance in the island. Moreover, their educational profiles of the latter made it next to impossible to transfer them to high-skilled sectors which required ICT knowledge. Bearing in mind the situation that prevailed, the GOM decided that promoting women entrepreneurship would benefit both these women and the economy. It would help to improve womens economic and social status and also eliminate the glass ceiling. The GOM also encouraged women entrepreneurship on the assumption that women entrepreneurs were more likely to recruit women in the businesses which would decrease the women unemployment rate in Mauritius which was confirmed by the findings of a survey carried out by the Ministry of Womens Rights, Child Development and Family Welfare in 1997. 3.2SMEs in Mauritius Since most Mauritian WEs firms fall under the category of SMEs, an overview of SMEs is provided in this section. In Mauritius, the new legislation provides new definitions for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) on the basis of turnover: a small enterprise less than Rs.10 Million Mauritian Rupees with less than 50 employees; and a medium enterprise between Rs.10 Million to Rs.50 Million Mauritian Rupees with approximately 200 employees. As per the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority (SMEDA) Act, the SMEs definition includes enterprises in all economic sectors. In order to avoid detailed sector-specific criteria, turnover criteria is used across sectors i.e. no differentiation between services and manufacturing sectors has been made for small enterprises, and the thresholds for small manufacturing firms also reflect small service firms. (Source SMEDA). However, in the central statistics office (CSO) 2007 Census of Economic Activities, SMEs were defined as à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã…“small establishments and itinerary units engaging less than 10 persons, including working proprietorsà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ . 3.3Contribution of SME Sector to theEconomy (Source SMEDA and MOBECC) SMEs play an important role in the Mauritian economy by contributing extensively to wealth creation, employment generation and poverty alleviation. They are labour-intensive having the ability to create new jobs at low costs and help in absorb ing unemployment created by industrial and economic restructuring. As at December 2012, 18,978SMEs were registered with SMEDA and contributed approximately 40% to our GDP. It is estimated that SMEs are employing around 250,000 people. They are operating in various sectors such as food and beverages; leather and garments, wood and furniture; paper products and printing, chemical, rubber and plastic, handicrafts, pottery and ceramic, jewellery and other related items to trade and commerce. In order to enhance their contribution to the Mauritian economy, improving their knowledge on E-marketing would be beneficial to the whole sector and economy. 3.4Profile of Women Entrepreneurs in Mauritius This section provides an overview of the age-group, highest academic qualification and marital status of women entrepreneurs in Mauritus. Tandrayen-Ragoobur and Kasseeah (2012) found that around 15 percent of the WEs were aged over 30, 40% of them were between 31 and 44 years, and another 40 percent of them were between 45 to 59 years. As stated in the literature review, this may be due to the end of the Multi-Fibre Agreement and closing of the EPZ companies (Tandrayen-Ragoobur and Kasseeah, 2012). Given their age, it may be concluded that it is unlikely that they know much about E-marketing and are less likely to engage in it. The women were in financial difficulties and they decided to launch their businesses. However, as most of them did not have experience with technology, most of them were not expected to be able to readily engage into E-marketing practices. Moreover, financial difficulties also acted as hindrances for them to implement E-marketing practices. Those women preferred the traditional marketing practices and relied mostly on word-of-mouth marketing. Around 82 percent of the women were married having the responsibility of dependent children. The survey indicated that about 44 percent had completed their School Certificate while 29 percent had basic prim ary education. The findings show that the educational levels of the women were inadequate and hence most of them would not be able to employ E-marketing without in-depth training, except for those whose children could help them into E-marketing practices. However, 56% of them received training (including training on the adopting of technology and E-marketing for some) and 44 percent did not benefit from training facilities. Concerning family size, 37% of them had families comprised of 5-6 members, 27% of them had families consisting of 4 members and the remaining had 3 persons in their families. Moreover, 42% were head of households. Also, 64% had jobs previously while the remaining did not. They were employed mostly as secretaries, garment workers and maids (Tandrayen-Ragoobur and Ayrga, 2012). The profile of Mauritian WEs show that these women did not have the necessary baggage to engage into E-marketing . A relatively big share of them were head of households which prevented t hem from finding the time to learn about E-marketing and instead rely on traditional marketing techniques. Moreover, all the training provided to them was not about technology and E-marketing but most of them were provided training on how to cook, sew or do other types of businesses. It should be noted that limited training has been provided to Mauritian women on E-marketing . This could be a reason why, according to the literature available, most WEs have not engaged into E-marketing . 3.5Firm characteristics of Mauritian WEs Findings of the same study (Tandrayen-Ragoobur and Kasseeah, 2012) revealed that 29% of WEs engage into garment-making, 22% are in handicrafts and jewellery and 20% manufacture food products such as pastries, snacks, ice-cream and pickles amongst others. Ayres-Williams and Brotherton (1999) state that WEs of SMEs only extend their previous activities in their new businesses which is in line with the findings obtained above. Therefore, it may be concluded that WEs mainly indulge into line of activities which are similar to their previous jobs and are risk-averse. The question that arises in this instance is whether these women would be willing to employ E-marketing practices, a tool with which they were not familiar with previously? In order to increase the degree of acceptance with respect to EM, the GOM will have to offer more training and increase their awareness on the advantages of EM. On the other side, 75% of WEs export their offerings and only 25% sell on the local market. Here it may be seen that E-marketing would indeed be advantageous to these WEs as it would be a cheaper tool for them to market their products. As they found it difficult to prentrate the export market, institutions like National Women Entrepreneurs Council and SEHDA have been helping them do it. They export mainly to China, Rodrigues and other Asian countries. On the local side, their clients consist of hotels, tourists and the general public. E-market ing practices would have undoubtedly helped them target more clients. The majority have taken loans for the SMEs. About 27% earned between Rs1000-Rs 5000, 16% earn around 5000-7000 and 12% earn around Rs7500 to rs 15000. Most of them cannot rely entirely on their income to support their families. Their companies remain relatively small and they do not have the ability to expand more. Therefore, E-marketing would have helped them considerably in expanding their companies since they would have been able to target more clients, reach wider markets, and find other business opportunities. E-marketing is cheaper and helping these WEs acquire the required skills would help them develop their businesses to a great extent. 3.6Number of registered WEs in Mauritius (NWEC CSO) The number of women registered at the National Women Entrepreneur Council (NWEC) increased by 80%, from 1,900 in 2005 to some 3,500 in 2011 (CSO, Gender Statistics 2012). A lower proportion of women were engaged in handicraft activities, 24% against 35% in 2005 (CSO 2007). The number of women entrepreneurs in the textile sector has more than doubled, with its share rising from 21% in 2005 to 27% in 2011. The agro industry and the services sector attracted more women over the years, representing 28% and 21% respectively of registered women entrepreneur in 2011 against 26% and 18% in 2005. There is a growing trend amongst women entrepreneurship in Mauritius. 3.6.1Supporting institutions (Source SMEDA MOBECC) The GOM has set up some institutions to provide support to SMEs. Amongst them is SMEDA for counseling and technical support, Enterprise MauriEMketing) which operates under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry is promoting mainly export oriented industries, the National Women Entrepreneur Council (NWEC) operates under the aegis of Ministry of Gender Equality and has a division working with women entrepreneurs, Development Bank of Mauritius (DBM) to provide financing to SMEsà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢ projects, the National Productivity for Competitiveness Council (NPCC) to provide training productivity, the Mauritius Business Growemketinge (MBGS) has just been set up under Ministry of Business, Enterprise, and Cooperatives (MOBECC) to finance new businesses including SMEà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s. Another body, the Inter Agency Committee (IAC) has been set up under MOBECC arounemketingber 2013 to streamline the services offered to SMEs by the different agencies. 3.7Conclusion This chapter has shown that WE remains in its infancy stage in Mauritius as it is just a survival means for some women. Most women are risk-averse and rely on traditional marketing techniques and help of SEHDA and other institutions to help into marketing their offerings. Appropriate measures should be taken to help WEs adopt E-marketing so that they may generate better income and tap into larger audiences. The GOM needs to upgrade its activities and introduce E-marketing techniques and innovation i n its training sessions for WEs.

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Teaching A New Family About Shaken Baby Syndrome - 1920 Words

Teaching a New Family About Shaken Baby Syndrome Patient Information The patient focused on in this teaching project was a four-day-old NICU patient at Children’s Hospital of Colorado. Baby Haven was born at 34 weeks gestation to a mother who had used alcohol, marijuana and tobacco while pregnant. Additionally, she claimed to have not known she was pregnant until July and did not seek prenatal care until September, one month before the birth of baby Haven. The birth mother made the choice to put Haven up for adoption. I met the adoptive mother and father while caring for Haven the day before her discharge. Although she was premature and born to a mother who used substances, she showed no signs of respiratory distress, neurologic defects or feeding difficulties. She was an Intrauterine Growth Restriction (IUGR) fetus, likely due to maternal substance abuse and weighed 1.9 kilograms at discharge. However, she was successfully bottle-feeding with Similac 24 Kcal formula and had only lost three percent of her birth weight. Based on her eagerness to feed, her stable vital signs, stable glucose and thriving personality, her neonatologist felt as if she were ready to discharge and this is where nursing education came into play. Haven is her adoptive parent s first child and although they were very prepared and delighted to be taking her home, they voiced concerns regarding taking care of a premature infant. The adoptive father works on oil rigs and has a two week on/two weekShow MoreRelatedDesigning an Early Childhood Program1156 Words   |  5 Pagesinclude the vision, values, and operating principles. The vision of the center should be clear and concise and will let everyone know how the center expects to look in the future. The values that will be taught will stem from beliefs about people, the conclusions about life in general, and what the owner believes makes companies successful. This will show the community how the center will conduct day to day business and how it will nurture the children in thei r care. The operating principles are theRead MoreThe Family Birthplace : Implementation Of A Discharge Teaching Class2209 Words   |  9 PagesThe Family Birthplace: Implementation of a Discharge Teaching Class Jessica Arthur Oklahoma City University â€Æ' Table of Contents Chapter I: Introduction 3 Chapter II: Description of Mercy Ardmore 3 Chapter III: Mission, Philosophy, Structure 5 Chapter IV: Implementing Change Chapter V: Budgeting Chapter VI: Process of Making Decisions and Evaluation Chapter VII: Conclusion References Appendix Appendix A: Mercy Health Ministry Board of Directors Appendix B: MercyRead MoreGenetics, Disease Counseling4765 Words   |  20 Pagesinitial visit. Those team members include, a high risk obstetrician, or perinatologist, obstetric nurses, a geneticist, a social worker, and or genetic counselor who specializes in such genetic diseases, and it would be especially helpful if they had a family who previously had a child born with Tay Sach s disease to relate to and for on going support. All members of the team should be able to work together to help this couple find answers, support and information they need to prepare them for what toRead MoreProblems of Society (Law, Crime, Punishment)7483 Words   |  30 Pagesor for a non-violent felony, though in rare cases. The person may have to get involved in a specific activity related to the crime. For instance, a person held for possession of banned substance may have to join a group working to create awareness about the hazards of the substance abuse. Such form of punishment is most ofte n given to famous people with significant public appearance, as the law believes that allowing a celebrity to do community service will result in some good to the society, as opposedRead MoreChild Abuse And Neglect Have A Tremendous Effect On Children2984 Words   |  12 Pageslast a lifetime. In this paper I will explain the different kinds of child abuse and neglect and the effects that they have on children, leaving children and families in crisis situations. According to the National Center on Child Abuse Prevention Research (2005), it is estimated that in 2002 alone there were about 1.8 million referrals alleging child abuse or neglect that were accepted by state and local protective services agencies for assessment (Kanel, 2015). These assessmentsRead MoreUnderstand Child and Young Person Development7997 Words   |  32 Pagesarms about * Begins to hold objects when placed in hand * Grasp reflex diminishes as hand and eye co-ordination begins to develop * Enjoys finger play * Learns to roll from side to back * Sees best at a distance of 25cm then gradually starts watching objects further away * Needs opportunity to play and exercise (soft toys, cloth books, play mat) | 3-9 MONTHS | * Establishes head control; moves head round to follow people and objects * Begins to sit with support; from about 6 monthsRead MoreDeveloping Management Skills404131 Words   |  1617 Pagesorder to succeed. Visit to learn more. DEVELOPING MANAGEMENT SKILLS EIGHTH EDITION David A. Whetten BRIGHAM YOUNG UNIVERSITY Kim S. Cameron UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN Prentice Hall Boston Columbus Indianapolis New York San Francisco Upper Saddle River Amsterdam Cape Town Dubai London Madrid Milan Munich Paris Montreal Toronto Delhi Mexico City Sao Paulo Sydney Hong Kong Seoul Singapore Taipei Tokyo Editorial Director: Sally Yagan Editor in Chief: Eric SvendsenRead MoreStephen P. Robbins Timothy A. Judge (2011) Organizational Behaviour 15th Edition New Jersey: Prentice Hall393164 Words   |  1573 Pages Organizational Behavior This page intentionally left blank Organizational Behavior EDITION 15 Stephen P. Robbins —San Diego State University Timothy A. Judge —University of Notre Dame i3iEi35Bj! Boston Columbus Indianapolis New York San Francisco Upper Saddle River Amsterdam Cape Town Dubai London Madrid Milan Munich Paris Montreal Toronto Delhi Mexico City Sao Paulo Sydney Hong Kong Seoul Singapore Taipei Tokyo Editorial Director: Sally Yagan Director of Editorial Services:Read MoreMarketing Mistakes and Successes175322 Words   |  702 PagesDESIGN DIRECTOR SENIOR DESIGNER SENIOR MEDIA EDITOR George Hoffman Lise Johnson Carissa Doshi Dorothy Sinclair Matt Winslow Amy Scholz Carly DeCandia Alana Filipovich Jeof Vita Arthur Medina Allison Morris This book was set in 10/12 New Caledonia by Aptara ®, Inc. and printed and bound by Courier/Westford. The cover was printed by Courier/Westford. This book is printed on acid-free paper. Copyright  © 2009, 2006, 2004, 2001, 1998, 1995, 1992, 1989, 1986, 1981, 1976 John Wiley SonsRead MoreProject Managment Case Studies214937 Words   |  860 Pagesof Business Administration Baldwin-Wallace College Berea, Ohio John Wiley Sons, Inc. This book is printed on acid-free paper. @ Copyright O 2006 by John Wiley Sons, Inc. All rights reserved. Published by John Wiley Sons, Inc., Hoboken, New Jersey Published simultaneously in Canada No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, scanning, or otherwise, except as permitted

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The Problem Of Human Trafficking - 982 Words

The answer when it comes to what leads a runaway child to being trafficked, why the runaways do not seek help, and if the runaways should be punished in the eyes of the law, is simple at best. These issues are not sugar coated, they are not for the faint of heart, and they will make you fear for your safety or your child’s safety. The children deserve to be loved, they deserve to have justice brought against their perpetrators, and they deserve to have people to turn towards. Human trafficking is a disturbing epidemic that is sweeping across our nations, seeping through the cracks of our houses, and stealing the innocence away from our children. I would like to say that it is very hard to lure a child into this growing, sickening hype. Yet, it is very easy to grasp the emotions of a runaway and lead them to believe that trafficking is a new and exciting way to better themselves. A runaway is already in a disturbed mental status or she would have not resorted to leaving her hom e in the first place. She is possibly being abused at home or is coming from a poverty-stricken family. She also may have a boyfriend who is telling her that he has a life for her that is a great and exciting proposition. If she does not have a boyfriend then she could meet a stranger on the street who tells her the same. She is depressed, lonely, and looking for love. Therefore, this seems like a great idea to her. Yet, when she is faced with the reality of what the job actually entails, she is leftShow MoreRelatedThe Problem Of Human Trafficking1498 Words   |  6 Pagesthese problems. Taking a closer look at an ongoing issue highly prevalent in our world today, it is easy to see that other issues feed off it, and can contribute to the issue at hand. The issue I want to focus on is human trafficking. This type of criminalization is often one that is overlooked, most people believing that it is some sort of â€Å"myth,† or that this type of action happens to very few, and i s only part of developing countries. However, the truth of the matter is that human trafficking occursRead MoreThe Problem Of Human Trafficking1328 Words   |  6 Pagestaken from their homes and put into human trafficking. Every individual is supposed to be given the opportunity to a long and happy life but, with human trafficking standing in the way, millions of people are subjected to illnesses, diseases, and unhappiness. Human trafficking has taken over the lives of many, especially in Bangladesh. A country that is subjected to filth, poverty, and sex trafficking. Bangladesh is one of the top countries for human trafficking. The people of Bangladesh are in needRead MoreThe Problem Of Human Trafficking1283 Words   |  6 PagesWhen it comes to the topic human trafficking, mostly everyone knows that it has a lot of history to its name. According to ben skinner, â€Å" there are more slaves in the world today then ever before†(E. Benjamin pg. xi). There have been many inci dents and cases with human trafficking such as, sex trade, smuggling, violence, etc. Today, one can show how real is Human Trafficking. This paper details the big enigma exist todays date, that Human Trafficking is real. Trafficking can happen in almost everyRead MoreThe Problem Of Human Trafficking1439 Words   |  6 Pages Though it may be receiving more attention in recent years, it could be argued that the complete magnitude of human trafficking is still not fully comprehended. Professor of Epidemiology, Rezaeian Mohsen, has stated that, â€Å"The ultimate intention of human trafficking is to give illegitimate power to a human being in order to force another human being to be a subject of modern slavery i.e. prostitution, sexual exploitation, forced labor, slavery, etc.† (Mohsen, 2016, p.36). This type of illegitimateRead MoreThe Problem Of Human Trafficking1080 Words   |  5 Pagesinevitable. The thought of writing my essay was frightening enough but deciding on a topic and searching for sources was a completely different story. After a few sleepless nights, I finally decided on my topic, human trafficking. I chose this topic because I believe human trafficking is a problem not only in America but worldwide and needs to be taken seriously. My strong dislike for research papers is not someth ing to hide but I am hoping for the best for this essay and the class. As I began researchingRead MoreThe Problem Of Human Trafficking883 Words   |  4 Pagesinterest in ending human trafficking, a complex and multi-faceted phenomenon, has been slow and selective. The inner reason for the poor success is the prevailing conception of the problem. 2. This paper argues that the limited success in fighting human trafficking is to a large extent the result of framing the existing debate of human trafficking as predominantly a matter of prevention and protection rather than addressing the global market conditions within which human trafficking thrives . UnlikeRead MoreThe Problem Of Human Trafficking Essay1623 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction- A million of women children are trafficking worldwide every year it is problem of developed and developing and under developing country, issue found that across the nation are can say that trafficking is flowing to underdeveloped country to developing country or developing country to develop country. It has been made big market of human trafficking. Human trafficking is the third big benefitted industry in the world. At least million of children using in the prostitution for-profitRead MoreThe Problem Of Human Trafficking1387 Words   |  6 Pagesyears’ human trafficking has recogn ized as major illegal and problematic activity within the criminal justice system throughout the United States and a majority of the world. Although much attention has been paid to the worldwide aspect of human trafficking it is important to realize its domestic prevalence. According to ------------------ and estimated 200,0000 to 300,000 immigrants are trafficked illegally within the United States from impoverished countries. The topic of human trafficking has provedRead MoreThe Problem Of Human Trafficking2103 Words   |  9 PagesHuman Trafficking Introduction The problem of human trafficking affects many countries around the world. In practice, it is a transnational organized crime in which participants have networks in different countries where they source and sell their victims. Human trafficking has adverse effects on the victims as well as the entire society. Accordingly, many countries have implemented different policies in an effort to combat this social concern. Despite these policies and intervention measures, humanRead MoreThe Problem Of Human Trafficking1168 Words   |  5 Pagesa form of what we know today as human trafficking. The trafficking in persons is a form of modern day slavery, and exploits it’s victims into a slavery type setting such as manual labor or for commercial sex purposes. Many adults and elderly make up a great number of the humans that are trafficked each year, but the general population is children since they are usually helpless and are easier to manipulate since they are still in the ages of lear ning. Trafficking people is a very serious crime and

Team Work Task

Questions: Task 1 You are required to write a short essay on the following: What is a team? Provide at least three definitions. Describe different types of teams. Describe benefits of teams.Task 2Learners should look at key stages in the development of an effective cohesive team. Examples from personal teamwork task could be cited to provide snapshots of different stages in the life of a team. Alternatively, you could analyse a case study to apply the Stages of Team Development Model. Task 3Describe what attributes and skills are required of a team leader. You could draw examples of well-known leaders and draw on the importance of adapting leadership style to suit different situations. Individually create a poster setting out the attributes and skills of a team leader. Discuss Adairs three circles approach by incorporating it in the poster. Task 4 And 5You will participate in a Negotiation exercise in which you will be part of a negotiating team. Your purpose is to understand the task, prep are a strategy and work as a team to negotiate. You will write an individual report on how well your team functioned as a team, and the leadership qualities demonstrated by the team leader/leaders. The report will be based on the following: Demonstrate working in a team as a member towards specific goals. Demonstrate working in a team towards specific goals, dealing with any conflict or difficult situation as a leader. Review the teams overall effectiveness together with your contribution to achieving the goals, receiving feedback and providing feedback to other team members. Evaluate the teams overall effectiveness in meeting objectives, making recommendations for improvementsTask 6Write a Review in about on your experience as being part of a team, and the leadership or management style of the leaders within the team. Make references to conflicts within the team, and the way it was managed. Describe how performance was monitored, and your overall judgement of the team. Answers: Task 1 The team can be defined as the group of small numbers of individuals of different skills who have been working together to achieve the goal for the company. On the other hand, Albon and Jewels (2012) defines team where many individuals have been working in order to achieve the common goals, which might include the performance goals. Moreover, Borek (2011) have said that the team can be defined as a unit where two or more individuals have been working in an independent manner. There are different types of teams. They are the functional teams, cross teams and the self-work teams, temporary teams and the permanent teams. In the functional team, many members of the different cultures works together to perform the specific organizational tasks. In case of the cross-functional team, the different experts from the different fields of their expertise area have joined to work in collaboration. Clopton (2011) opined that in the self-managed team, the individuals have been working together without any supervision of any leader within the organization. In case of the temporary teams, they are not considered as the important members within the organization when once the task has been completed. The team members need to work with the help of the proper collaboration and by this way, the ultimate goal can be achieved. The management of any organization needs to motivate the employees so that they can be able to work happily and can be able to utilize their proper skills. This will ultimately help in improving the performance standards of the employees within the organization (Curseu, 2015). Some of the factors, which are essential for the development of the team performance, are the proper training, which need to be provided to the employees at the time of the recruitment and the selection process. The management within the organization also needs to motivate the team members so that they can be able to actively participate in the decision-making prospects in the team meetings. At the same time Flipo (2014) have shown that, the management of any organization also needs to support the team members financially or by any other means when they will face any kind of problems within the organization. On the other hand, the management also need also need to improve their means of communication with the employees so that they can be able to share any of their doubts with the employers. The management needs to maintain the friendly environment within the workplace. Task 2 There are different types of stages of the team development. They are forming, storming, norming and performing. Forming: This is the first stage of managing the team levels. In this stage, the team members within the organization meet for the first time. As per the words of Germain and McGuire (2014) in the stage, they express all their views and the thinking with each other and try to know about each others behavior. In this stage, it is essential for all the team members to make an effective decision-making. In this stage, in many cases, it has been observed that the team leaders have not been taking an active participation within the organization in the case of the decision-making. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the team members to work efficiently. Storming: This is the stage where all the new team members within the organization undergo a difficult situation within the organization. This happens as it has been observed that the new ones have no prior experience and for this reason, they are facing some of the problems. It is the training stages for the new ones (Jarle Gressgard, 2011). Norming: In this stage, the team members works collaborate and in many cases, they have been successful enough in delivering the effective outcome. In this stage, the team members also make some of the significant progresses in their decision-making, as the team leader is not always there to assist them. Performing: It is the final stage where the team leader has been asked to make a celebration as the project ends. In this stage, the project ends and all the team members of the group have been asked to keep in touch with each other. This is due to the fact as in this stage, all the team members moves to the different directions. At the same time, has also gained the adequate knowledge and the experiences (Juras et al., 2013). Task 3 Attributes and the Skills of the team leader: The team leader needs to be honest with all the team members within the organization so that the effective performance can be delivered properly. In this case, the leader also needs to have the patience in order to deal with all kinds of problems of the team members within the organization. The team leader also needs to maintain the good communication with all the team members so that they can be able to share all kinds of problems with him. At the same time, Oertel and H. Antoni (2014) have shown that the team member need to create the healthy atmosphere within the organization so that the team members within the organization can work properly and at the same time , they can also feel secured within the organization. The team leader also need to bear such capabilities in order to deal any kind of problems that have been faced by any of the team members within the organization. The team leader needs to bear the problem solving capacity within him so that he can be able to maintain the productivity within the organization. The team leader also needs to have some sense of the humor so that the team members within the organization not at all get bored while doing the work. They need to feel happy as well as also need to be cheerful in every aspect. This model incorporates the three factors. It shows that within the organization, the team leader plays an important role in order to make them members understand about the goals and the objectives of the project within the organization. As per the words of Tjosvold et al (2012), the team leader need to have some of the additional qualities so that he can be able to control the actions which have been undertaken by every employees within the organization. The model is important as it helps in explaining the tasks to the individuals who have been working in the organization for the longer periods. It helps in defining the aims and the objectives of the team within the organization. The time leader with the help of this model makes the proper identification of the resources and at the same time helps in controlling and maintaining the activities so that the parameters can be achieved. With the help of this model, the team leader can also be able to report to the higher authorities regarding the progress of the employees within the organization. Task 4 5 Some of the strategies that have been followed by the team leaders within the organization is to make the proper formation of the culture within the organization. It will happen in order to create a positive environment within the organization. As per the words of Ghuman (2011), it will inspire every individual within the team to perform well and at the same time they can be able to share the positive vision within the organization with the other team members. The team leader also needs to make the proper utilization of the available resources and the technologies so that the negative energies can also be converted to the positive thinking and the energies. The team leader also need to develop the proper communication method with both of the managers and with the executives within the organization in order to face any kind of the challenging situation within the organization (Voight, 2014). It is also the responsibility of the team leader to explain the mission and the vision of the company. The team leader needs to make the proper strategies in order to gain the competitive advantage in the market and to acquire the good share within the market place. The void or the gap can be filled with the positive intentions of the team leader and at the same time, it is his responsibility to encourage each of the individuals within the organization work properly on an effective and efficient basis. Task 6 As a part of the team, I have analyzed the fact that the team leader need to make the proper communication with all of the team members so that they can be bale to share every problem with him. The team is a group of the individuals who have been working together in order to achieve the common goals and the objectives. As per the words of Ghuman (2011), the team leader needs to call for the meetings where all of the team members can be able to share their creative thinking and the ideas with the team leader. The team leader also needs to make the proper assessment of the performance of the team members and need to provide the proper guidance to them at the time of their problem. It will ultimately help in anticipating the problems in a proper manner and at the same time will also help in meeting the daily needs of the employees. Reference List Albon, R. and Jewels, T. (2012). 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